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GDPR notes
by GridLife Administration - Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 1:02 PM

Here we'll describe briefly in human language about our General Data Protection policies and we'll keep this article updated later on.

GridLife website is based on Moodle platform, some of its services may include third party data collection engines. Please review Moodle's Privacy Notes and Cookies Policy

Our website and grid services do not store any personality identifiable information intentionally. Information which you fill in during the registration, the use of website and the use of grid public services is considered to be not accurate to identify you as a specific real life person, also we do not enforce you to provide such. If you have decided to use or share your real life information in one of open for public areas of our website or grid service or during communication with other users, the responsibility is totally on you.

Cookies used to save your preferences while using the site.

E-mail which you use during registration is used for account recovery by you when you forget login data or for information delivery which you may subscribe to (such as forums posts or replies, private messaging  ect.) and for delivery of important service updates.

IP addresses logs are kept for some period of time for your account security (for example to inform you if there were fail login attempts not from your regular or previous internet connection, for you to review).

When you decide to purchase inworld currency by PayPal service you should know that PayPal transactions data is stored only on PayPal service, not in our services. Purchased amount transfer can take up to 12 hours. We do not create permanent PayPal linking with web and grid user names/accounts, but we'll check with PayPal data when required. Please check PayPal security notes for review at PayPal Protection

Reverse inworld currency exchange and transfer will be possible only for users who previously purchased some amounts earlier.

Inworld currency transactions are logged for your and our convenience. In case of failed inworld transactions we'll review each case individually.

Inworld grid assets are stored in local server environments only. HyperGrid access we have enabled but assets created in our grid or transferred from other grids to our grid may not be possible to use in other grids (except wearables, very limited, contents of worn objects won't be usable in other grids, unless they exist in those grids too). Users may not connect their own regions and rented regions will not have full console access for secure content keeping.

This article can be updated with more details or changes in the future, we'll keep you informed about any updates or changes.