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How to create inworld grid avatar?

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How to create inworld grid avatar?
by GridLife Administration - Saturday, 10 November 2018, 8:10 PM

As we have noticed some of our users made a web account but have not created an inworld avatar yet. So here we'll post a small guide on how to do this.

To create an avatar you have to have a website account, so its the first thing to do - to register and confirm your registration. Use a valid email during registration, you might need it to recover access when you forget how to login or when we have to force some changes.

After the registration go to the menu called "Create Avatar", chose the name for it (last name can be different than default one you see, but for those who got used to have a "Resident" last name - its a default preset), select a model and set a strong password (password for avatar can be different from website account password). Thats it, not so difficult:) Each website user can create up to 15 avatars in grid. Enjoy your GridLife!